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Your Showreel needs to be something that STANDS OUT and highlights your best performances allowing you to connect to the audience and casting directors.  
We focus on providing a Calm, Stress-Free, Creative enviroment allowing you to fully concentrate on giving your best performance. 

When you contact us we will have an informal, no-obligation chat about which services you want and discuss the specifics such as Characters, Genres, and Professional Branding considerations. 
That's why all our showreels are 100% Custom Tailored to you and your brand.
"You Dream It, We Film It!"  

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 Showreel Packages

We have a range of Packages to suit nearly every need, but if you still find yourself looking for something more unique to you and your brand, just drop us a line!  

All our Packages are shareable so if you want to you can split the cost of a Showreel scene with  up to three friends. 

Each Package requires a small booking fee which will be deducted from the final cost. 

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Our Showreels

Our Showreels


"My experience working with AJ has been wonderful. He is extremely talented, knowledgeable, and professional. He went above and beyond to make sure we got an awesome finished product. He brought a clam and focused energy to set which meant I felt completely comfortable and at ease to just focus on giving my best performance. He is extremely efficient and thorough but will never make you feel rushed. From start to finish, AJ was a dream to work with - I couldn’t recommend him more!"