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Film Production Services

"You Dream It, We Film It!"

How We Can Help!

Budget,Schedule   and logistics Management

We will help you create and manage your Budget, Schedule and the logistics for the film. 

Cast and Crew Aquisition

We ensure we find the right Cast and Crew to bring your project to the next level. 

Film Equipment

We provide and/or aquire the right Equipment to do the job, from Cameras and Lenses, to Lighting, Grip and More! 

Post Production and Delivery 

We manage the Post Production and Editing stages of the film to get you the final product you dreamed of. 

"You Dream It, We Film It!"

About   DSF

Bringing Your Vision To Life!

Dawn Sky Films is a group of filmmakers that love to create and share our stories.


With over15 years Industry experience across the team,we are well prepared for any project.  Large or small, we get the job done. 

 "You Dream It, We Film It!"


Get in Touch Below to see how we can help with your next production  

Send us a DM to @dawnskyfilms

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