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your reality

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Our Mission

Your Reality is a short film on the subject of gaslighting – one of the most dangerous types of mental abuse. Our mission is to raise awareness of the destructive consequences this powerful mental and emotional abuse can have on its victims and to help them recognise its signs.



Alicia has a successful career in one of the leading marketing agencies. On her way to a meeting she meets Mark, a very charming and handsome photographer, who asks her out on a date.
One thing leads to another and they fall in love. After a few weeks he suggests for her to move in with him. Happily, she agrees and then the dynamic of their relationship suddenly changes.
She keeps accusing him of things he hasn’t done. She embarrasses him at a party and refuses to apologise. She keeps messing up projects at work and eventually loses her job.
She’s getting more and more depressed and all the signs are pointing at the fact that she’s going crazy, until one day her best friend accidentally overhears Alicia’s argument with her boyfriend.


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Behind the Scenes

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