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About Me

Creative Producer / Director of Photography  
DAWN SKY FILMS is the trading name of AJ. Lamb, an award-winning Creative Producer / Director of Photography, providing Film Production Services and has worked on Award-Winning Features and Short Films, TV Shows, Music Videos, and High-End Commercials. 
Based in London, UK, he has completed work regionally as well as internationally. 
Some of his most recent success has come from Directing and Co-DPing the short film, "The Magical Toy Shop" which has won the title of Best Short, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, and Best Editing and is in discussions for being developed into a Feature Film. 
"To me, every single film is special in its own way and it's a joy to be continually learning and expanding horizons through the projects you work on and the cast and crew who are absolutely stellar, and it shows as we continue to work with each other to this day"  
And also...Cats rule the World. 


"I've worked with AJ on a number of different projects and hope there will be many more to come. AJ is a consummate professional; he holds his entire cast and crew to the highest standard while maintaining  a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere. He works with top notch equipment, assembles an experienced team, is adaptable when working with multiple ideas and he is always determined to get the absolute best results.  He goes above and beyond what is expected and that is 1000% what sets him far above the rest." 

Shaylyn Gibson  / Actor / HOES BEFORE BROS & RUNAWAYS 

"Dawn Sky Films are highly committed, skilled and reliable industry professionals! They communicate well and quickly and I very much enjoyed working with them on my film Rhythms of Friendship"

Anais Dahl / Director / RHYTHMS OF FRIENDSHIP 



"My experience working with AJ has been wonderful. He is extremely talented, knowledgeable and professional. He went above and beyond to make sure we got an awesome finished product. He brought a clam and focused energy to set which meant I felt completely comfortable and at ease to just focus on giving my best performance. He is extremely efficient and thorough but will never make you feel rushed. From start to finish, AJ was a dream to work with - I couldn’t recommend him more!"

Grace Hendy / Director / THINK OF THE FUTURE


AJ is an absolute pleasure to work with. He always comes to set not only with a positive, hardworking attitude but is always prepared for the long day ahead. He has a wide range of knowledge for the different departments on a film set. If I could describe him in three words, they would be determined, reliable and approachable. I would highly recommend him to any person working in the industry."

Amy Clarkson / Director / LIFE'S RICH TAPESTRY

"I have worked with AJ on several film productions. He was my first AC/Focus puller and cameraman. He has proved time and again to be a  good guy to have on a difficult shoot. He is versatile and puts all his efforts into his work. A valuable asset to any team, be it a feature, short film, music video, documentary or just a commercial shoot. A valuable and reliable member of my team."

Gareth Rich Lopez / Director of Photography / POPCORN DREAMS

"Working with AJ has always been an absolute delight in every sense.

 I have had the chance to work with him DOPing a short film I directed “This could change your life”.

 I can confidently say he is a very focused, hardworking professional, always ready to go an extra mile. He is also very calm on set, a good listener and a very creative person, with fresh, interesting ideas. He is a true team player sharing his insights, but always respecting the director's vision.

 Marta de la Fuente/ Director / This Could Change Your Life

Showreel Testimonial
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